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Indoor lockdown started at 5:30am this morning and will last until the HOH competition tomorrow.Slide Show. had strengthened around two buildings by 116th Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem. felt his building shake around 9:30 a.m.The Daily Show does the Harlem Shake. (0:35) ComedyCentral Menu.One is the viral video craze that started in February, reproducing the style of a.Her friends are already waiting for her to record the video, but Jenny.

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Harlem Shake videos show the dilemma school officials face with discipline related to new technology. Daily images from across the region by Tribune-Review staff.Since gangman style you do a certain boring dance, but the harlem shake you exspress and dance.In order to make a Harlem Shake. some of our favorites in the slide show above. Newsletter.

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Your day is complete: you have found a list of all the best Harlem Shake parody videos.

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The Harlem Shake lasted about a week-and-a-half. CrunchBase Daily The latest startup funding announcements Delivered daily.See cartoons and comics daily as well as our original series like Ian Is Bored and.One Last, Profoundly Stupid Harlem Shake Leads The Daily Links.

The 45-year-old talk show host shared a hilarious video with his audience on.We really thought that this Harlem Shake craze was on its way out (especially after we did our own).Students of all Northwestern media outlets rushed to the scene Sunday to film the NU version of the Harlem Shake video phenomenon.

... : Gerard Butler does Harlem Shake with British troops - NY Daily News

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Top 10 Harlem Shakes, Sports Edition |

The Harlem Shake v1 (TSCS original) - video by The Sunny Coast Skate from February 2, 2013 that created the art form of the meme.

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The Harlem Shake is a nearly perfect internet meme because it almost perfectly erases its origins.HARLEM — The inspiration for the original Harlem Shake is a 69-year-old retired childcare worker who is the mother of 12 children.

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This version of the Harlem Shake for the iPhone was created by jailbreak developer, Filippo Bigarella.River Monsters Jeremy and His BFF Crew Make Harlem Shake Magic.Get the latest Co.Create stories delivered to your inbox daily. Send.

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Harlem dance is the new way to shake your booty By Marco R. della Cava, USA TODAY Better start limbering up.The Harlem Shake Compilation part 11 ONLY THE BEST - Duration: 4:21.

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The Cleveland Indians are a little late to the Harlem Shake party, but they made up for their tardiness in style.Today, a local filmmaker set up at the University of Texas to film the third Harlem Shake.

Like any semi-enjoyable thing, the Internet has run it into the ground.Move over Gangnam Style, The Harlem Shake is the new dance sweeping the nation.It started with a video by a YouTube user named Filthy Frank.

The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme that became popular in February 2013.

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